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Executive Director/ Owner

Michael Hogan

Michael Hogan started Coastal Support Services Ltd. over 20 years ago. His vision was to develop an agency that would support individuals with developmental disabilities, in obtaining employment in our community. Our supported work program is still a large part of Coastal. Michael always believed that people with disabilities should have every opportunity that we all have when it comes to employment. Over the years Michael outlook and involvement in the community has allowed Coastal Support Services Ltd. to grow to what it is today.

Operational Manager/ Team Leader

Dave Glass

Dave joined the Coastal Team over 10 years ago. Dave's attention to detail, organisational skills and understanding has allowed him to effectively head up our Team. Dave oversees the daily operations of Coastal Support Services Ltd. along with building and maintaining relationships with other agencies within our community.

Brain Injury Support Worker

Cornelius Findlay

Cornelius is our only outside contracted worker. He is a Medical General Practitioner who came to Canada from South Africa a number of years ago with his wife. Cornelius lends a large pool of knowledge of rehabilitation techniques as well as wonderful insight into the individuals that we assist.

CSW / Brain Injury

Paul Stewart

Paul has been working with Coastal Support Services Ltd. for over 7 years. Paul works mainly in our Brain Injury program and in Physical Rehabilitation. Paul's dedication and understanding towards our clients has been a wonderful compliment to our Team.

Employment Specialist

Ron Martin

Ron has been working with our employment program for over 5 years his dedication to locate and facilitate employment opportunities has allowed Ron to meet and understand the needs of our clients and employers within the supported work program. Ron's experience is a great benefit to our team and has allowed him to find our clients meaningful work in our communities.

CSW / Brain injury Program

Thomas Michaud

Thomas has been with Coastal since 2013. Thomas's experience allows him to contributes a great deal of insight to the team while playing an important role in our Residential program. Thomas is also able to support individuals in community inclusion as well as our Brain injury program.
Thomas understand the needs of our participants within our Residential program and is able to offer a safe and healthy environment for our clients.

Brain Injury Support Worker

Trevor Stoddart

Trevor has been a part of our team for over 2 years. Trevor works in both Nanaimo and Victoria, with our Brain injury program. Trevor's skills and experience has allowed him to meet and understand the needs of our clients. His willingness to travel has allowed Coastal to expand our support to clients to the Victoria area. Trevor's dedication and flexibility has made him an important part of our team.

Employment Specialist/ Outreach

Natalie L'Ecuyer

Natalie joined our team over 2 years ago she brings with her a vast knowledge of and experience with local and surrounding areas' community resources. Natalie has also recently completed a multitude of post secondary programs this has allowed Natalie to understand and meet the needs of our clients. Natalie works out of the Oceanside areas with our Supported work Program, as well as the Port Alberni and Nanaimo areas (outreach) her willingness to meet clients outside of our Nanaimo office has allowed us to expand our agencies into different communities. Natalie's positive outlook and dedication has been a wonderful addition to our team.

Community Support Worker

Lesley Vanderwall

Lesley joined our team in 2014 with a great amount of Community Support experience. Lesley's compassion and understanding has been a positive addition to the Coastal team.

Community Support Worker

Sharon Ledderhof

Sharon joined our team over a year ago. She brings with her a range of experience and knowledge. Sharon's dedication and work ethic adds strength and value to our agency.

Coastal Support Services

Believes that in order to maximize independence, we must plan and provide services that are in the best interest of our targeted population.

The following philosophies are of the utmost importance:

  • That the program strives toward empowerment of the individual.
  • That the programs provide opportunities for the individual to experience choice, a sense of one’s uniqueness, identification, and achievement of personal goals.
  • That every individual, regardless of their situation, be treated with the utmost respect and dignity.
Helping foster healthy relationships in our community.